Christina Aguilera Needs to Check Into Love Rehab!

Christina AguileraBy now you've probably heard that Christina Aguilera is doing her best Britney Spears impression around town. The spiraling songbird was arrested for public intoxication yesterday morning, alongside her 25-year-old boy toy Matthew Rutler. Things just seem to be getting worse and worse for Xtina, huh?

When everyone thinks you're a sexy superdiva-wife-mama, and it all comes crashing down in front of paparazzi cameras ... well I guess one reaction might be to act out. Drink up. Pass out at a party. Have sex in a bathroom during a family gathering.

However ... I can't help but wonder if it's not her divorce, but Rutler who is the real trigger in this dramatic tumble she appears to be taking right before our eyes.


Remember in '07-'08-ish, at the peak of BritBrit's barefoot-in-gas-stations meltdown insanity? Recall that shady-as-hell ex-paparazzo Adnan Ghalib fella who seemed to be controlling Brit's every move? Well, Matthew Rutler is NOT Adnan, but the way this all is going down is giving me serious flashbacks of the guy. I wouldn't be surprised if Rutler's equally bad news for Christina.

The kid is from an affluent NYC 'burb (actually not too far from where I live) called Wyckoff, New Jersey (the Jonas Brothers are from there, too). So my guess is he was a little bit of a spoiled, sheltered-gone-wild child to begin with. He's likely also kind of immature. I mean, how many 25-year-old guys do you know who want serious relationships with the divorced mother of a 3-year-old? (Well, if the mother is Christina Aguilera, perhaps that changes things, huh?) Also, there's really no doubt that being a nobody, he's probably doing everything he can to impress his hella famous, slightly older girlfriend.

All of these red flags about Rutler aside, Christina might be trying to live out a do-over of her single days with a hot, younger guy ... and I suspect she might be one of those women who morphs her behavior to fit the guy she's with.

With Jordan, aka Mr. Dependable Nice Jewish Boy, she became Mrs. Responsible & Far Less "Dirrrty" Wife. Now, with Matthew, aka The Fame-Trippin' Vincent Chase-Wannabe Party Animal, she's heading toward Lindsay Lohan Central.

The trap of adopting "bad" behaviors either for your partner or because of your partner is something all of us do at some point. Just think about how easy it feels to eat more or junkier during that first or second really comfortable year in a relationship. Your guy's a GUY, of course, so he can scarf a pot of penne vodka and not worry about his jeans fitting later on. But, somehow, being with him makes you feel like you can/should have a second serving or more, too. Before you know it, you're two sizes up, thinking, "What just happened?!"

Of course, that's on a far less scary level than, say, ending up in the West Hollywood jail, because your boyfriend likes to be all impulsive, wild, and DRUNK behind the wheel -- so you get all impulsive, wild, and DRUNKER. 

The real clue here is that "sources close" to Christina don't seem to be a fan of Matthew. One told Us Weekly: "Her friends are fed up ... Nobody can get through to her." When a woman has shut out everyone except a boyfriend, especially one who was just charged with DUI -- that is a bad, bad sign. It also sounds like proof positive that this relationship is anything but healthy for her. Here's to hoping she can get her once classy act back together. Seems she'll only be able to do it without this bad influence beau.

Do you think her relationship with Matthew Rutler is at least partially to blame for Christina's troublesome behavior?


Image via D.S.B./Flickr

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