Matthew Morrison of ‘Glee’ Loves Sex in the Rain

Matthew morrisonMatthew Morrison, the sexy actor behind Glee's Mr. Schue, appears to be somewhat of an exhibitionist. And not just when it comes to rocking those cover tracks in front of millions every Tuesday night. Nuh-uh -- it's a bit sexier than that. In his new single, "Summer Rain," Matthew croons that "right up on this rooftop," he wants to "make love in the summer rain" ... even if there "could be a thousand people watchin'." Okay, then!

I have to say the lyrics are kinda hot, and what makes it even better is that Matthew doesn't seem to feel shy about the self-penned song whatsoever. When it premiered on Ryan Seacrest's radio show yesterday, he said:

I've heard that song so many times. I love it though. It never gets old.


But, even though he's cool with it, and there are plenty of women who adore a straight, ripped, sexy actor who can both sing and dance, I have a feeling the ex-boy band member is bound to get at least a little grief lobbed his way for this. Likely from uptight parents of Glee fans or straight guys who will say the track is lame-o ... but who are secretly jealous of Matthew's sex appeal.

Meh, who cares what they think? The song's a welcome reprieve from "I want you" tracks that are either too bubblegum, sugar-coated (see: Justin Bieber), or trying-too-hard, in-your-face (see: Rihanna "S&M"). It's Jason Mraz-ish meets a vibe that's kinda like a throwback to Dave Matthews Band's "Crash." It gets you thinking about how sexy and carefree summertime can be. (Mmm ... so over winter right now!!!)

However, not to be a total buzzkill here, but uh, who REALLY has sex outside on a rooftop ... in the rain ... in front of thousands of people? Where exactly would one do that? And how? On a ledge? Standing up? I'm overthinking this -- can you tell? (One reason I must be attracted to the whole idea of spontaneous gettin'-it-on that Matthew explores in the song.)

It's funny, actually, how there are lots of allusions to outdoor, exhibitionist sex in pop music over the years, yet I never really hear anyone talk about their own personal experiences with it. (Well, now that I think of it, someone once told me she had sex with her boyfriend on the beach ...) But, is that something people do on a regular basis, or is it really more of a fantasy for most of us? (You know, for normal people -- not sex machine entertainers like Justin Timberlake and Usher.)

Logistics aside, I have a feeling about one thing: "Summer Rain" is going to make the girls even MORE googly-eyed for Mr. Schue.

How do you feel about Matthew Morrison's new song ... and outdoor sex?

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