What Dr. Seuss Taught Me About Love & Sex

dr. seuss birthdayAre you gathering all of the Whos in your Whoville to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss? Perhaps the most famous children's picture book author ever was born on March 2 -- and why it's not a national holiday is beyond me. Dr. Seuss, aka Theodor Seuss Geisel, is a favorite in our abode.

Not just because his books have entertained me for all of my years and are the staples of my daughter's bookshelf, but I am happily married because of him. Yup, everything I've learned about love I learned from Dr. Seuss.

I know you're thinking, "Huh? She whispers sweet nothings to her hubby in anapestic tetrameter?" Not quite.


What have I learned from Dr. Seuss? You look through the books and you see some themes that, well, basically tell you how to be in love -- he's got three main ones that are dooziedoodles.

Seussism #1: Be spontaneous. Go grab a copy of The Cat in the Hat. The whole book is about being spontaneous. At the end, sure, it's a little out of control, but they clean up the mess. A necessity for any relationship (especially once you have kids).

Seussism #2: Compromise. In Green Eggs and Ham, Sam I Am keeps pestering The Dude With No Name to try the dang dish. In a boat, with a goat. You know it. At the end, The Dude With No Name finally compromises, says, "If you will let me be, I will try them. You will see." Yup, they meet in the middle, a little compromise makes it all work out. Key to any marriage.

Seussism #3: Find who you can be weird with. In Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!, there are a lot of questions. "What would you do if you met a jaboo?" or "How much water can 55 elephants drink?" These wonkadoo questions demand wonkadoo answers. Once you find who can be weird with you, who can accept you for ALL the wackaddoodle things you can think of, then that's your guy. That's your ying to his yang, your yurtle to his turtle, your red fish to his blue fish.

See? You can actually apply all of these Seussisms to love (and some hanky-panky, wink wink). Little did you know last night's bedtime story was a guide to relationships.

What's your favorite Dr. Seuss book?


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