Public, 'Romantic' Proposals Are Too Dangerous!

At this point, a poor guy has to work his bum off to propose marriage in a creative way. Jumbotron, skywriting, romantic restaurant, blah, blah. They have all been done. So what is a poor guy who wants to create a memorable proposal to do?

David Jones -- a Cleveland-based video producer -- decided to propose to his girlfriend (now fiance) via commercial. She turned on the television at her hair salon and there was her boyfriend dressed as a superhero. Then he was there in real life, on one knee, asking her to marry him. Romantic, right?

Between proposing on Facebook and on CafeMom(!), people are using technology to propose all the time. The television is practically old-fashioned! But proposing in these ways is always a danger.


No one ever talks about the bad ones, like this one. A man proposed to a woman on a basketball court in front of hundreds of people and she said no!

Look, it happens. Luckily for Jones, his lady was into it. Their story is actually very sweet and romantic, in fact. She had cancer soon after they got together and he stuck by her and supported her, so more power to them. But personally, if I were a guy, I would go private. Just in case. 

My husband proposed by sending me on a scavenger hunt to all of our favorite places. At each place, he left a note sending me to the next place. Finally, we met on a bridge where he dropped to one knee and popped the question. Even though we were in "public," no one looked at us or said anything. It was perfect.

And then, of course, he had that to live up to. Nearly nine years after he proposed to me, he has yet to do anything as romantic as that proposal. What could he possibly do? Whisk me away on a private vacation (after arranging for babysitters and calling my work)? Serenade me John Cusack-style outside my window? There is nothing I can think of that would work as well.

Whenever people tell us what a great proposal story we have, it makes it clear he will never be able to top it. Not that I am complaining. It WAS romantic and wonderful and creative. It even got us on TV. But there is danger in giving it all away at the proposal. Remember, dudes, you're going to have to live up to that proposal. So, ask yourself two things before the big fanfare proposal:

  1. What is the likelihood that she will say yes? Anything below 99 percent is a sign for a quiet, intimate proposal.
  2. Will I be able to continue very romantic things throughout our life? If the answer is yes, carry on.

How did your husband propose?

Image via Boy27wonder/Flickr

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