Facebook 'Waiting Room' App Can Help You Cheat

girl on computerSince I'm a pessimist, I've never been one to declare a relationship status on Facebook. It just seems like it's an embarrassment waiting to happen. When that little heart shows up in someone else's feed, and it's broken, and it says, "Jane is now single" ... that just seems harsh. Even if it's a good thing for Jane. So I just avoid the "relationship" part of Facebook altogether. And it's sounding like you may want to, too.

The WaitingRoom app, which is filling the void that the controversial "Breakup Notifier" left, will test the strength, and fidelity, in your relationship.


Here's how it works. Your name is Suzy and you like Bob. But Bob is in a relationship, so claims his status, and is unavailable. You think Bob should be single and you're interested in him -- through the WaitingRoom app, you can send him an anonymous message that alerts him that someone (you) is ready when he is. Bob sees this message and thinks, Hmm, maybe I could do better than my girlfriend, and considers who else might be in his "waiting room."

In order for Bob to reveal the identities of those ladies in waiting, he must change his status to single. Which to me doesn't really sound like that much of a fence. Couldn't he change it "accidentally" just for a few hours?

This to me sounds like those anonymous candy grams in high school. Which is to say, totally pointless, if not damaging. Going incognito to encourage a breakup is not really that good of an idea. And any guy or girl who breaks up with their significant other just to uncover who's waiting for them doesn't sound like that great a catch to begin with.

I'm sticking to keeping relationship statuses private, so if you're interested, I guess you'll have to tell me the old-fashioned way, to my face. I'm looking at you, James Franco.

What do you think of the WaitingRoom app?

Photo via mangpages/Flickr

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