Drew Barrymore, Dump Will Kopelman Now!

Drew Barrymore Harper's BazaarDrew Barrymore is adorable, charming, versatile, fun to follow as a celeb ... She just might be my favorite actress. (Can you tell?) It doesn't hurt that she's also a Pisces, born on February 22. I always bond so well with fish people! But her birthday isn't all she seems to be celebrating this month. Various sources have reported that she might have a new love: Will Kopelman, an art consultant and son of former Chanel CEO Arie Kopelman.

But this is one celeb couple I feel like BOO-ing! (Maybe even more than Natalie Kenly and Charlie Sheen.) It's not that I don't want Drew to be happy! But what is going on with her and Justin Long? This Will guy cannot possibly give her "giggly joy" like Justin (that's what she told Harper's Bazaar back in the fall). Plus, they're just so darn cute on- and off-screen! Nonetheless, their relationship has been similar -- on and off. I want to know why can't those two crazy kids get their act together?


Actually, now that I think about it, maybe it's more Drew who is pulling the rug out from under her relationships. In one of her most recent interviews about relationships, Drew told Harper's Bazaar:

I'm really good on my own. I was good in my early teens, and then I got really bad at being alone for like 10 years. And then for the last decade I've developed such a love of my independence that I have to go, 'Okay, you've had dinner by yourself three nights in a row, now you have to see your friends.'

Alright, sure, I totally agree that learning how to be on your own and loving your independence as a woman is important. I've always told my friends who are serial monogamists that they should try being alone for a while -- it's the only way you'll ever really get to know yourself. But it seems to me that Drew's got a grasp on all of that by now!

But after two marriages that only lasted about a year apiece (to Welsh bartender Jeremy Thomas and comedian Tom Green) and countless other relationships, I wouldn't be surprised if Drew is a little skittish about long-term commitment. Maybe she's even decided that a third marriage just isn't for her? However, being that she's now 36, if she does want to "settle down" and pop out some kiddos ... the clock is ticking! (OMG, wouldn't she and Justin be the cutest Hollywood parents ever? I know, I'm pathetic -- it's like I want pin-ups of them on my bedroom wall. Haha.)

Hey, whatever. There are tons of couples who are choosing to live with one another, even have kids, and postpone "I do"s for later or never. (Just look at Brad and Angie, Nicole and Joel.) So, who cares if she doesn't want to walk down the aisle for the third time? But, I know I'm not alone in wanting to see her happily ever after -- definitely with Justin Long and not Will whoever -- married or not!

What do you think about Drew Barrymore's relationships? Would you like to see her with Justin?


Image via Harper's Bazaar

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