Bring the Facebook Breakup Notifier Back!

Of your many Facebook friends, is there one in particular you have your eye on? Is there one you might like to see become single so that you can make your move? The Facebook WaitingRoom breakup notifier can help.

The Facebook app WaitingRoom debuted last week and lets users know if that person they have their eye on is single again just as quickly as it happens so they can move in and pounce. The app became so popular so quickly that Facebook actually removed it, citing system overload. Others wonder if it was removed because of privacy issues.

Regardless of the reason, it makes a lot of sense and is far more polite than hitting on someone in a relationship.


There is nothing sadder than the people who have obvious crushes on those who are taken. Their words on Facebook reveal their feelings in ways that should probably humiliate them. Stalker-esque? Maybe. But who among us hasn't had an unrequited crush?

Of course, if my husband and I ever broke up, I would be pretty irritated to suddenly get emails from people who wanted dates. That said, I would have known. Because the app would have let me known months before that there was a person in my "WaitingRoom."

Here’s how it works: When you say you are into an unavailable Facebook friend, that person gets an email notification that there is someone in his or her “WaitingRoom." They get the email regardless of whether they are active on the app. Then the identity is revealed after the person has changed their status to single.

Obviously one major problem with the app is that most people would probably go ahead and change their status just to reveal their secret admirer, but besides that, it seems like a polite, dare I say almost chivalrous, way to reveal that you like someone. According to the app's site:

If you’re already in a relationship, WaitingRoom will give you the confidence to become single again — if that’s what you really want.

Cool, right? Obviously, I can see why this feels a little creepy, but I think the whole "secret admirer" aspect is a bit awesome. Juvenile, maybe, but awesome all the same.

As a married woman who has had a man openly tell me he would like to have an affair, this seems like a much more chivalrous way of handling it. It says, "I like you but I respect you are in a committed relationship." The other says: "I only want to sleep with you and assume you will do so with no strings."

Which would you prefer?

What do you think of this app?


Image via PinkMoose/Flickr

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