Justin Bieber Says 'I Love You' -- Did He Blow It?

justin bieber says I Love YouHe's changed his hair, his album is at the top of the charts, and now Justin Bieber is saying those three magic words. The Bieber and Selena Gomez -- though their romance has never been confirmed -- apparently are whispering sweet nothings to each other and saying, gulp, "I love you!"

Gotta hand it to the 16-year-old pop star. He's one confident dude. He's got spunk, he's got cojones. Because -- OMG -- rumor has it he said it first!


Yup, the tween sensation said, "I love you" first to the gal pal. I'm assuming the Witches of Waverly Place star said it back -- I think it would've been the end of Jelena if she hadn't.

Oh, young love. So much is on the line when you offer up that declaration. But, which is better -- saying it first or waiting to hear it?

If you say it first, you put yourself on the line. Will he/she say it back? You make yourself vulnerable. You lay it on the table, wishin' and hopin' with fingers crossed that your lov-ah loves you. But, putting it out there first, taking the lead -- that's kinda sexy.

If you wait for the other person to say it, well, you could be waiting a while. Once they do, you have the power, the upper hand, of course. But that could all go into the crapper depending on how you react. If you blurt it right back, well, then he/she knows you just didn't want to be the first one to say it. If you wait too long, hesitate a wee bit, that could create doubt and an unnecessary rift in the relationship.

Should Justin have said it first? I'm not sure. I'm pondering the other possible reason for him to utter those three words. Remember, The Bieber recently said in his Rolling Stone interview that he thinks kids should wait to have sex until it's with someone "you're in love with."

Maybe his love declaration is his way of getting, ahem, "closer" to Selena?

Did you say "I love you" first? Does it matter?

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