Dianna Agron Scared of Ex -- 'Glee' Episode to Tackle Dating Violence?

dianna argonGleeks out there, I have some gleeful news, and some not so gleeful news. OMGlee, Dianna Agron has split from her boyfriend of one year, Alex Pettyfer. Sad, right? Well not entirely because Us Weekly reports that Alex is a "psycho loose cannon" and that Dianna is terrified of him.

She's staying in hotels under fake names and all-around avoiding Alex's crazy phone calls. He allegedly lost his mind when he saw Black Swan star Sebastian Stan and accused him of hooking up with Dianna.

Is anyone else smelling an upcoming Glee episode on dating violence?


Glee has been diving into the tough stuff recently, and this week's episode confronted the question about gay teen sleepovers. The Glee writers clearly have more up their sleeves than just catchy pop mash-ups and Sue Sylvester one-liners.

It may be too soon for Dianna, who has got to be pretty upset over her breakup, if not still "in hiding," but the topic is relevant and important to teen viewers and families. Dating violence can be physical, emotional, and/or sexual -- teens should be educated on all types and given advice on how to deal with a destructive relationship.

In the meantime, I hope Dianna can leave Alex in her past, permanently.

Do you think Glee should do an episode on teen and dating violence?

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