Should Paris Hilton Say No to Ring Shopping?

Paris HiltonOne of the most memorable times of my life was when my husband proposed. When he got down on one knee, mumbled a few words about loving forever and being a better man, and whipped out a velvet box ... with the ring I helped pick out. Wait a minute, you say? You picked it out? Yup, I helped pick out my engagement ring. Paris Hilton may be picking out hers -- she and (boyfriend of about a year) Cy Waits were spotted shopping for engagement rings.

Wait a minute, you say, doesn’t that take all of the surprise out of the engagement? All of the thrill? Nope, it just guarantees you get a ring -- a ring that you will wear every day for the rest of your life -- that you like.

So, Paris went shopping with her man for the ring. Wow. I never thought I would type these words: Paris is one smart girl.


Why is she so smart? First off, when you go together to look at engagement rings, you know the size will be right. No having to worry about it being too small, too large, no ring guards will be needed. That's the practical side.

On a more, well, not-so-practical side ... you can pick the one you want. Sure, maybe you want the 5-carat rock, who doesn't? But maybe, just maybe, your beloved can't afford that (methinks Paris doesn't have this situation). If this is the case, you can point your man in the right direction within his price range.

Price aside, your dude may need a little guidance with style. There are a lot of rings out there. Say you love vintage-style rings, and the only vintage things he knows are cars. You being there means you don't end up with a sleek, modern setting. And vice versa: say you hate ornate rings, you can steer him away from the multi-stone ones to the simple, solitaire beauties.

Really, the last thing you or you man wants is for him to have just professed his undying love for you and when he opens up the box, you face falls because, well, you don't like the ring. Talk about killing the mood.

The surprise can be how he pops the big question. Was it at a romantic dinner? In a helicopter? While doing laundry ... hey, talk about being surprised, eh? I'm wondering how Cy will ask Hilton to marry him.

Two words, Cy: Jumbo. Tron.

Did you go engagement ring shopping with your husband?


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