Brooke Mueller Proves She's Crazier Than Charlie Sheen

brooke muellerCharlie Sheen's ex-wife number three, Brooke Mueller, has reportedly moved back into his house, bringing with her their twin boys and the nannies.

I thought that I had heard it all when Sheen was said to have offered to buy homes for Mueller and second ex-wife Denise Richards in his Los Angeles neighborhood so that their combined kids -- two with Richards and two with Mueller -- could grow up together and also see Sheen more. On paper, that actually sounds like a nice kind of Utopian upbringing.

Of course, there would be the issue of what the children would call the porn stars going in and out of Sheen's revolving door, but they could always call the women Auntie (insert porn star of the week's name here). At least the kids would be sheltered, living in their separate houses, from the drama and their father's antics.

But moving back into that madness? Brooke Mueller must have lost her mind. 


Has she forgotten what allegedly happened that night in Aspen over a year ago? Something about an argument ending with a knife being held to her throat and maybe even some choking.

Or how about that night at the Plaza Hotel in New York City? Mueller wasn't there but Richards and her daughters were staying in the same hotel on the same floor. Drugs, alcohol, and, of course, a porn star were involved in the trashing Sheen did in his room.

And then there was the recent late night binge of alcohol, drugs, and more hookers that took place at Sheen's L.A. home. That episode ended with Sheen being admitted to the hospital, brought there by an ambulance called by his neighbor Dr. Paul Nassif, husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof-Nassif.

Is somebody actually scripting this? It sounds like a whacked-out version of that Jim Carrey movie, The Truman Show.

My advice to Mueller? Run. Run as far away as you can. If it's really love that's making you go back to Sheen and bringing your kids with you, then wait a year or 10, until your ex-husband has been sober for a very extended period of time.

Should Brooke Mueller be moving back in with Charlie Sheen?

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