Hear the One About the News Anchor & His Penis?

tv anchor penis jokeTalk about  "hitting below the belt." On a news broadcast from Down Under, poor sports reporter Mark Aiston was verbally smacked down in master fashion by anchor Belinda Heggen.

On the "Ten News at Five" in Australia, he was broadcasting about a small trophy and ended his segment with the question," I can't understand how something so small can be so impressive." To which Belinda replied, "Well Mark, you would know about that."

Yup, basically called his "little Mark" well little. On air.

She made a joke about the size of his penis, and he didn't like it.

Made me think two things: one, his salami is appetizer-sized and two, guys really can't take penis jokes.

Lordy, if I had a son, one of the first things I'd teach him would be how to take a penis joke.


Now, he totally set her up with his joke, no doubt about it. Placed it right there on the anchor desk for her to pick up and run with it.


He's peeved. It was on-air. It wasn't cool. But, c'mon, it was funny. But what's funnier is how mad he is.

As parents, our job is to give our kids the skills to make it through this world the best they can. Part of that is the basics -- reading, writing, how to tie your shoes. But the basics also includes other not-so-obvious stuff. Like how to be okay when you're embarrass yourself (because we all will do that at some point) or how to make small talk. In that category is how to take a joke. 

Yup, moms of sons out there, teach him how to take that joke. Teach him to laugh it off. When someone says he has a wee Williw Wonka or that his tool is tiny or his pecker is puny, well, he needs to laugh right along with it. If he does that, he's dinged the joke about his dong. 

Poor Mark Aiston, if he had just chuckled, giggled even, it would've made it okay. It might not have hit the Internet. Who knows ... but the next question I have is how Belinda knows about the size of Mark's package?


Will you teach your son how to take a penis joke?


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