No Cure for Common Cold – Or Whiny Men

cold medicineAttention everyone! I've got breaking news! There is no cure for the common cold.  No, really, there is absolutely 100% no cure. Want some more grand news? Nothing really works to get rid of a cold or shorten the duration of it.

You and I may have know this in some realm of out subconscious, but we still head to the Walgreen's to grab something, anything to try to ease our symptoms. The over-the-counter cold and cough meds, echinacea, Vitamin C, tea, garlic, zinc lozenges, well, really none of them do anything. They kinda do diddly-squat. Together, we spend $4.2 billion a year on diddly-squat. 

Even Nana's chicken soup just tastes good -- no real proof it cures the sniffles. Sure, using some of these could make you think you feel better, but really the only thing that helps get over a cold is time. 

You realize what this means, don't you? If there's no cure for the common cold, that means there's no cure for the man cold.


I was holding out hope. Not because of my good-natured spirit. Not like on some beauty pageant where I'm hoping for world peace and a cure to the common cold. My inner Mother Teresa is nowhere to be seen.

I just hate dealing with my sick husband. He sniffles and coughs. He whines. He hacks weird colored icky things into the sink and leaves his tissues everywhere. He whines some more. He takes 5 baths a day to "sweat it out" and some how forgets the ability to do basically do anything except watch Mike & Mike reruns on his laptop. He whines some more  ... and then mopes. 

I don't like to see him sick, but, hel-lo, he just has a friggin' cold.  

Of course, I would have a heart if he was really sick.  But he doesn't. He has some boogies and his head hurts. I say suck it up. When I get a cold, I still manage to get our daughter to school, to remember pack sneakers for soccer class, to buy the gift for the 19th birthday party this month we have to go to on the weekend, to order th groceries, to send his mom flowers for her birthday. 

Why is it that my husband is a such sucky sick person? I blame DNA. I find solace when talking to other women, that I am not alone. That it is somehow part of the male gene, to be wonderful in so many ways, yet the worst patients ever.

Alas, the man cold is here to stay. There is no cure. Sadness.

Is your husband worse than your kids when he has the sniffles?


Image via kalleboo/Flickr

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