Mail-Order Bride Business Makes Me Cringe

mail order brideSome people travel abroad to learn about new places and see new things. Others travel abroad to learn about new women and bring them home to be their wives.

The mail-order bride business is apparently not only recession-proof, but recession-beneficial. According to John Adams, founder of global match-making website A Foreign Affair, men reevaluate their priorities in a down economy and move finding love to the top of the list.

Not just any love, though. Young, sexy, and ready to say "I do" foreign love that they can either find online or at some of the international "romance parties" where there are 200 girls for every 10 men. Why go to the Ukraine and come back with a souvenir snow globe when you can come back with a wife?

I'm sick to my stomach.


Jones told Fox DC why he thinks men want a foreign bride: "I think a lot of it has to do with their traditional values these women bring; they're family-oriented."

Are they family-oriented? Or just so desperate to get out of whatever situation they're in that they'll marry a drooling stranger, move across the world, and start life anew? I would think that someone family-oriented would want to stay close to their ... family in the Philippines, Russia, wherever.

I would imagine that a language barrier would prevent communication, understanding, and tolerance in some relationships. Not all, but some. And the presumed age difference between the man and woman might be a road-bump as well. Where there is a lack of empathy, there is a breeding ground for abuse, be it physical, emotional, or financial. Some foreign brides might not be able to get out of a situation like that, lest they get deported for not staying wed to a citizen.

In 1990 the Philippines, one of the countries many of the women are from on A Foreign Affair, outlawed bride agencies due to overwhelming reports of abuse of their women overseas. But where there's a Will, Tom, Dick, or Harry, there's a way. The business was driven underground and remains a mail-ordering fan favorite.

It is heart-breaking to view a veritable catalog of women who are willing (and in some cases, unwilling but forced) to marry a foreign stranger. One look at the website and you'll cringe for all daughters worldwide.

In a perfect world, the mail-order bride business is a great way for well-meaning single men to meet like-minded women from a different culture who will expand their minds and commit to a fulfilling and loving lifetime together. In my gut, I don't think that's the case for most of the marriages that result from scanning a catalog, flying to poor nations, and bringing home a woman.

What do you think of the mail-order bride service?

Photo via Clinton Steeds/Flickr

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