Can Coupons Kill a Relationship?

couponsA lovely couple is out on their first date. Things are going great and they're both having a fun time. The bill comes and the guy generously insists on paying. The girl blushes and is flattered and thankful for the gentlemanly offer. The man reaches into his wallet to get out his credit card and ... what's that?

The girl's blush from butterflies turns into a blush from embarrassment.

It's a coupon. He's using a coupon on their first date.

What do you do?


This actually happened to a friend of mine and she was hell bent on never seeing the guy again. I can sympathize with her in that it doesn't really send a sexy, manly vibe, but what's so wrong with saving a little money?

The coupon shows that he's practical, thinks ahead, and is probably pretty good at saving money. I'd argue those are three things you'd like in any partner, but my friend couldn't be convinced. She found it effeminate and tacky, and inferred that his choice of restaurant was less about her preferences and more about him getting a deal.

I don't think I'd mind if a guy used a coupon, or a gift card, or a Groupon print-out on the first date. I certainly wouldn't mind if a long-term boyfriend or husband used one. To me it shows a strong sense of self, and I like a guy who is commonsensical. I had another conversation with a woman recently who said she'd be mortified if her boyfriend bought her engagement ring on Gilt Groupe. Why?? You could put the money he saved toward a fabulous honeymoon or a down payment on a house. Am I the only one?

What would you think if a guy used a coupon on your date?

Photo via dmdonahoo/Flickr

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