My Funny Valentine's Day Dream Dates (PHOTOS)

collageIf the seasonal aisle at my local CVS is any indication, Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Next to the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in red wrapping and M&Ms that come with pink candy-coated shells, and the heart-shaped chocolates and rose-shaped marshmallows, there sat a stack of romantic comedy DVDs for sale.

As I considered buying a teddy bear with a felt heart for a nose to be my Valentine, I looked over again at the DVDs. And then I made a mental list of every movie character I'd like to go on a date with. And then I found the photos and I present to you:

A list of 10 male movie characters I want to be my Valentine:


In random order:

Andrew Paxton from The Proposal. He's smart, he's funny, he loves books, he's got a great bod, he's rich, he loves the outdoors, he's tall, did I mention he's funny, he's sweet, he's kind ... I could go on forever.

ryan reynolds










Tom Hansen, 500 Days of Summer. He's a romantic, and he's a great writer. He refuses to give up on love, and he looks like a ton of fun at karaoke.


Bernard Campbell, Old School. I love a fast talker with a passion for home entertainment and beer.

vince vaughn












Roy Hobbs, The Natural. He makes me believe that anything is possible. What an inspiring and grounded guy with a divine talent.










Garrett from Going the Distance. While he's not that hot, his sense of humor, love of music, and close male-friendships make Garrett a catch.

justin long











Mr. Tony Stark from Iron Man. Uh, no brainer. This guy is hot, he's hilarious, he's a fixer-upper billionaire who just wants to be loved. Oh, and he has a killer suit that we could fly around in.

downey jr.














Ray Kinsella, Field of Dreams. An all-American farm boy from Iowa with an ability to communicate with dead baseball players is my kind of guy.

kevin costner

Michael BluthArrested Development. The movie hasn't come out yet, but if Michael is the same loving father and hilarious patriarch of the Bluth family, then I'll continue to pine over this handsome family man. I would make a great stepmom to George Michael.

jason bateman













John BeckwithWedding Crashers. First of all, he's from DC, which is convenient because I am too. He's a lawyer who won't grow up, but he's sensitive and loves crab cakes and football. That's what Maryland does!

owen wilson










Peter Bretter, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I've always been turned on by musicians in sweatpants with a penchant for puppets, so Peter and I would make a perfect match.

jason segel

There you have it. My top 10 movie character dream dates. Who'd I leave off?

Photo via sheksays/Flickr, Kevin Winter/Getty, david_shankbone/Flickr, Global X/Flickr, cessemi/Flickr, jasminhunterphotograhy/Flickr, Damon Dunken/Flickr, csztova/Flickr, Hot Rod Homepage/Flickr, friskytuna/Flickr

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