Can a Sex Strike Change the Government?

If you have ever considered withholding sex as a means to get your way, you may just be Belgian. Flemish parliamentarian Marleen Temmerman urged lawmakers' wives and significant others to go on a sex strike until their partners form a new coalition government. Fascinating.

The idea isn't a new one. Even in ancient Greece, the fictional ladies of Aristophanes' Lysistrata were withholding sexual favors until their spouses decided to make peace during The Peloponnesian War. And look, it worked! I believe this is what they call "using sex as a weapon." Of course, it works.

Trust me on this, ladies. Starve your husband of sex for a few days and you will see what I mean. He will practically offer to do anything just to get some. Not that I'm advocating sex strikes. In fact, withholding sex in order to get what you want makes you kind of a hooker who offers up the nookie only when there is something on the line.


This isn't to say that sex is a marital obligation or that every time your husband wants some, you must obey. But if you want sex and aren't giving it to a person because you want something from them, well, that's not good.

Even so, it does work. Sex is a powerful thing and there is no doubt that withholding it can cause even the strongest man to start to go crazy. There is a lot of strength in our vagina, ladies. It's true.

It may be sexist and it may not always be true. Certainly there are women who have higher sex drives than men and get turned down. But by and large, men are up for sex most of the time and women need to decide if they are, too. We ladies are more mood-driven. Given the right circumstances, a man can usually be convinced, but women are less likely to be so inclined. If I tell the hubs I'm too tired, I mean it.

That isn't an invitation to start trying to get me in the mood. With him, "too tired" can often mean, "flash me and then we can" or "kiss me and I will be in the mood." A single man can go out to a bar and totally strike out most nights. Whereas a single woman who wants sex can almost always get it.

We can get all up in arms about gender stereotypes and sexual politics, but when push comes to shove, we ladies hold the p-power and the men will do what we want to get it. Sex shouldn't be used as a weapon in our private lives, but maybe this is one way to get things done in the public sphere. If it works in Belgium, maybe it would work here, too!

What do you think of this idea?


Image via je@n/Flickr

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