50 Reasons Why Marriage Rocks

Wedding ringsHusbands aren't perfect. Sorry if that bursts your bubble, but it's true.

But I'll take an imperfect husband over a non-existent husband any day. I believe in the institution of marriage, even having had a first marriage that didn't make it to the 10-year mark. But my second marriage will make it to infinity, and beyond.

And while I'm not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, my husband and I will celebrate it anyway because any occasion in which you can celebrate each other and your love for one another is worth honoring. We'll have dinner at home that night, sharing a bottle of sparkling wine, a couple of pounds of stone crabs, and a lot of laughs and kisses.

So in celebration of Valentine's Day, and marriage, here are 50 reasons why being married is great:


1. You have someone to grow old with.

2. Sex gets better the longer you’re together.

3. You are each other’s biggest fans.

4. Passing gas is not a deal breaker.

5. You get to kiss a lot (and there are health benefits from that).

6. Marriage is a two-member team that always wins.

7. Having a human blanket to keep you warm at night. Cheaper than electric heat.

8. Being tied up is fun, not creepy.

9. A spouse can make you laugh even when you don’t want to.

10. Your best friend is also your f*@k buddy.

11. Married men earn more.

12. Condoms only need to be used for birth control, not for fear of STDs.

13. You have someone who’s not going to laugh at your dreams.

14. Sexual experimentation can be done without worry.

15. You don’t have to go to Uncle Simon’s third wedding by yourself.

16. It’s not embarrassing if you queef.

17. Your spouse knows you. All of you. And still adores you.

18. The earning power of two is more than one.

19. You can talk dirty in bed. Really dirty. And it's a turn-on.

20. When you look deep into each other’s eyes, it feels great, not weird.

21. A husband is not battery-operated.

22. There’s always someone to celebrate with: birthdays, anniversaries, and of course Valentine’s Day.

23. You get to take advantage of married tax breaks.

24. You don’t have to talk to yourself all the time.

25. Married people experience less incidence of depression.

26. A husband will get you tampons from the store, even if it’s late at night.

27. A spouse challenges you to be the best you can be.

28. And then helps you reach those goals.

29. With the kids, it’s the two of you against them.

30. It’s helpful to have a human ladder around.

31. Road-trips are not tedious. They are opportunities to spend time together.

32. Being alone, together, is your first choice.

33. Companionship is comforting.

34. Marriage makes you live longer.

35. Having differences is a good thing.

36. A wedding ring on a man is sexy.

37. In sickness and in health is one of the most important vows you can make.

38. You complement each other, like two pieces of a puzzle.

39. You can say whatever’s on your mind. And not worry about breaking up.

40. Romantic comedy movies are not your only experience with romance.

41. PMS-ing (overdosing on chocolate, tearing up watching Hallmark commercials) is okay.

42. Anal sex counts as a birthday present.

43. A spouse is a built-in exercise partner.

44. Every day has the possibility to be Valentine’s Day.

45. Knowing that no one will ever love you like your better half does.

46. Being in a committed relationship reduces stress.

47. There’s someone to hold your hair back when you’re getting sick.

48. The emotional support of a spouse is priceless.

49. Doesn’t matter what the gift is. It truly is the thought that counts.

50. Getting married is the most romantic act of all.

Any more reasons to add to this list of why marriage is great?


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