Guy Poll: Least Desirable Woman Is From 'Jersey Shore'

Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi isn't getting much love this Valentine's Day. In a Yahoo! poll of 2,002 Americans aged 18-64, the petite “guidette” was voted nightmare celebrity Valentine's Day date by 41 percent of voters. Socialite Paris Hilton came in second.

But the poll also looked at the celeb suitor we ladies wouldn't want this V-Day. One-third of people voted Justin Bieber as their biggest nightmare. OMG, I would hope so, because it would be kinda illegal for anyone over 18 to get with the sweet 16-year-old Biebs. You know, I get that he's a heartthrob for the tween crowd, but a major pet peeve of mine is when women in their 20s and 30s sweat over adolescent pop stars. No, please. Stop. It's time you backed away from the BOP and went for George Clooney ...


Oh, but speaking of "dream dates," are you surprised in the least by the names that topped that list? Apparently, guys fancy themselves Brad Pitt, because they'd be into either Jen Aniston or Angelina Jolie. And women voted Pitt and Johnny Depp "the most romantic males." Borrrrrring. Come on now. Haven't these people been considered the Sexiest People Ever in the Universe since 1995? And we're still not over it? Meh.

Jolie was also the top choice among lesbians (clearly), while gay men went for Ryan Reynolds (nice -- he's so hot!). 

Pollsters also asked voters what romantic flick they would most like to watch after V-Day dinner, and the winner by far was Titanic, followed by The Notebook. Okay, The Notebook I get. But Titanic ... really??? Okay, for those of you who consider that the ultimate V-Day movie, tell me: Do you just watch the first half, which is actually romantic and sexy, then fall asleep as the ship sinks? Or are there people out there who think the second half (complete with frozen death galore) is good for foreplay? Can't wrap my head around that one ... unless! Maybe Titanic watchers aren't getting laid on V-Day!

Overall, all I can deduce from these results is that most of us are sort of still stuck in the '90s when it comes to our romantic fantasies and "celebrity passes," and men (or at least guys who voted in this poll) aren't big fans of phony, fake-baked, party animal skanks like Snooki and Paris. Well, thanks, Yahoo! -- at least the latter is nice to know.

Who would you name as your nightmare celeb date and/or dream celeb date for Valentine's Day?


Image via Jeff Lewis/Flickr

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