Man Facing Low IQ Sex Ban Should Just Be Sterilized

sex banA 41-year-old man in Britain has been banned from having sex. Not only that, he’s under supervision to ensure that he doesn’t have sex. Surely this guy must be a rapist. Or a pedophile. Some other type of horrible sex offender? This must be Britain’s way of preventing him from committing his crime again, right?


Alan happens to have an IQ of 48. He is supported by the government and lives in government housing, and so the government decided they could just take control of his sex life, no questions asked.

What led to such a drastic judgement?


Turns out Alan was having more sex than his government landlords deemed appropriate. And with a man, no less. The government also felt that Alan’s IQ was so low that he couldn’t properly comprehend the potential consequences of his sexual relationship, or understand the dangers of getting and passing on sexually transmitted diseases.

That’s an easy fix, right? Get the guy some education. Find a professional to talk to him in a way that he understands so he can be responsible for his own life. Not so, said the government’s psychiatrist. He claimed that providing sex ed for Alan would only confuse him.

So clearly the only solution is to ban him from having sex.

What a load of crap!

The man is obviously capable of some things. He takes care of himself, even if he does live in government-supported housing. They let him go to trial, so they must believe he has the mental capacity to understand that.

This seems like a case of Nanny State gone horribly awry. Not only that, in many ways, it reeks of the eugenics projects of the past. Trying to force sterilization on people, restricting who can have sexual relations in order to prevent low IQs and other “problems” from getting passed on to the next generation. Even though Alan was having sex with a man and not at risk for impregnating anyone, it’s a slippery slope to controlling who can have kids just based on their collective IQs.

What do you think of the ban? Is it right or wrong?


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