Jwoww Dating Book Is Like a Fist Pump to the Face

jwowwSo many terrific things have come from the Jersey Shore cast. There's G.T.L., T-Shirt Time, and now a book on how to date. This I gotta read.

From the woman who put out ill-fated clothing line "Filthy Couture" and a bronzer cream comes her latest contribution to women, The Rules According to Jwoww. The book on dating is in stores now.

Don't all get up at once! We don't want a mob scene at Barnes and Noble. There's enough of her pearls of wisdom to go around. She wants her "fans to learn from my mistakes ... especially to never settle for any guy, which WAS my biggest mistake."

Now I don't have the book, but I'm confident I can come up with some of her ... "rules."


For example:

  1. When you don't like what your boyfriend is saying, hang up on him.
  2. After a long night of partying, give your man a call to let him know that you're wasted ... and that you ran into an old friend, what's-his-name, at the bar. This really instills trust and confidence into the relationship.
  3. Lawyer-up when your man goes astray.
  4. When on a first date, make sure your boobs look phenomenal, and rub bronzer all over your body.
  5. G.T.L. before any male encounter, obvs.

I'm sure she'll make some money off her rules and that's all well and good. I just ... sigh. A dating book? Really? Her book is going to be like catching a rogue fist pump in the face: painful, typically Jersey, and over in a second.

What do you think of Jwoww's book?

Photo via Jwoww.com

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