Rainbow Roses: If Love Don't Make You Blind, These Will

rainbow rosesValentine's Day is just around the corner now, and on a day filled with hearts and lace and chocolate and love, who really values their eyesight? Well, no woman who's wishing for Rainbow Roses on February 14, that's for sure!

These new and trendy (and horrifying) psychedelic bouquets were featured today on The View as a modern twist on time-tested Valentine’s Day favorites. However, these freaky flowers make no sense to me. I mean, of all things to artificially color, why would you mess with the perfect nature of flowers? These are actually offensive to thine eyes!


Call me boring, but I'd be happier with any old flower in its original color than these colorifically altered ones. But maybe you LOVE the Rainbow Roses (along with the Grateful Dead)! Well, then go ahead and drop a hit of acid a hint to your sweetie -- half a dozen Rainbow Roses start at just $89.95.

Curious how they make Rainbow Roses? Well, it's not unlike the process of dyeing carnations and other flowers, which has been popular for eons. In a nutshell, they split the stem of a white rose and then soak each individual piece in a different color dye. The dye soaks into the stalk and spreads into the petals.

See the Rainbow Rose coloring process here:

What do you think of Rainbow Roses? You hoping to get some on Valentine's Day?


Image via Rainbow Rose Company

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