Too Much Internet Porn Makes Your Man SADD

SADDHave you heard of this? SADD, or Sexual Attention Deficit Disorder, is apparently striking deep into the lives of all of our menfolk. We must rally against this horrible affliction! We must protect our men! We must defend our sex lives!

Or maybe we just need to give the guys in our lives a poke with a good sharp stick.

SADD is supposedly caused by watching too much Internet porn. Men get accustomed to the instant gratification and novelty of porn and then are unable to perform in a real world situation. Poor wittle babies.

Get off it. This is just another excuse for guys to be lazy in bed.


How long has porn been around? Pretty much since people have. Sure, it’s progressed from cave paintings and scrolls to magazines, DVDs, and the Internet. Guys read porno mags back in the day and they had all the same novelty of the Internet. Same instant gratification. So why is SADD just now becoming a problem?

It’s not a problem at all is the thing of it. The Internet isn’t what’s turning your guy into a two-pump chump. SADD just gives him a “valid” reason to skip foreplay and make sex all about meeting his own needs. He COULD opt to pay attention in bed. If all these guys are losing erections halfway through the deed, it can’t be blamed on Internet pornography. He’s either letting his mind wander or he’s got a medical problem -- more likely the former.

Internet porn -- any porn, for that matter -- is incredibly self-centered. The only person you have to pay attention to is yourself. If a guy takes that attitude in bed with a girl, one of two things will happen: He’ll completely ignore her and focus only on his own gratification or he’ll get bored.

But nothing says he has to take that attitude. Nothing says that it’s a given that he’ll develop this very grave disorder. It’s all a behavioral thing, which means he controls it. He can choose to pay attention. And if he chooses not to, it’s because it was a conscious decision, not because of some stupid disorder made up to get him off the hook.

What do you think? Is SADD real or just an excuse?


Image via Kainr/Flickr

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