3 Valentine's Day Sex Toys That Will Blow Your Mind

Roman ruinsNaked men, with goat-skin whips, chasing young maidens around all in the name of fertility. Not the Valentine's Day you know, right?

It's actually a description of Lupercalia, an ancient Roman pagan festival that was the precursor to Valentine's Day. Sounds like fun to me. Except the fertility part. I'm done having kids. And maybe the goat-skin whips.

No, I'm happy that I was born in modern times so that I have more than whips to play with. Sex toy technology has come a long way and there's something out there for everybody.

So in celebration of both Lupercalia and Valentine’s Day, I tried out three new sex toys that would make great gifts for both you and your partner.

First up, the We-Vibe II ($99.99).


We-Vibe II

The We-Vibe II has to be one of the most well thought out sex toys on the market. Because of its u-shape, half of the We-Vibe fits in your vagina and half out with the "C" end laying flush against your clitoris and the “G” end inserted into your vagina stimulating your G-spot.

I tried the We-Vibe II both alone and with my husband. Yes, you leave it in during sex. And I’ve got to tell you that alone was nice but together was sublime. And my husband agreed with me. The experience was so different: the size of the vibe, the extremely soft silicone, the multiple types of vibrations, and the shape, including the little ridges in all of the right places, all come together to create one hell of an orgasm.

Doc Johnson Joy



Next up? Doc Johnson’s Reflections ($29.90), a line of six glass vibrators that have names like Joy, Bliss, and Nirvana and varying designs. For example, the Joy (shown here) has nubs encircling the top of its shaft while the Nirvana has nubs running up and down its shaft. All have three speeds and are waterproof. 

A great feature of glass vibes? That you can warm them up or cool them down by submerging them in water. And those are temperature sensations I hadn't experienced before. Combined with the hardness of the vibe, I liked them. Also, having never used a glass vibrator before, I was a little wary. What if I orgasmed so violently that I crushed the glass while the vibe was in my vagina? No worries there. I'd have to have superpower Kegels to break this glass. But I wouldn’t try dropping it on a tiled bathroom floor.



And last, but definitely not least, LELO's MIA ($64), a lipstick-sized vibrator. The MIA probably shouldn’t even be called a lipstick vibe because its vibrations are a lot more powerful than many of the full-size vibes I’ve tested. And talk about technologically advanced? The vibe charges in an hour and can be charged by plugging it directly into a USB port on your computer. As a matter of fact, my MIA is charging right now as I type. I love technology.

I tested the MIA Black, a new version of the MIA seen here. Unfortunately, it won't be available until February 21. Maybe you can get an I.O.U., if you can wait that long. I can tell you that the range of differing vibrations, and the power, of the MIA Black will get you off pretty quickly. Honestly. Other than the power? The MIA fits perfectly in both your hand and your handbag and is very quiet. I think I'll try it out on my next trans-continental flight. I’ll be the one in coach with the big smile on my face.

What sex toy do you want for Valentine's Day?


Images (top to bottom): Nolleos/Flickr, We-Vibe, Doc Johnson, LELO

Disclosure: I received free samples of all three products to review.

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