Hugh Hefner Finally Explains All Those Bimbos

hugh hefnerPshaw! You think? Finally at age 84, Hugh Hefner seems to have decided that he spent most of his adult life overcompensating for discovering his sexuality relatively late in life. If he’s overcompensating, what does that say about all the women out there who don’t start masturbating until they are 18, or don’t lose their virginity until they are 22, the way Hef did?

Should we all make sure that we’re masturbating at 13 and having sex by 16 just to avoid becoming bajillionaires who wallow in their money, who indulge in every little whim?

No, of course not. But we should be overcompensating the way he does.


Hef’s not only overcompensating -- he’s also been making up for lost time. Basically, he’s spent his entire life on the rebound. He’s been acting out the way any member of the Jersey Shore would after a hook-up gone wrong.

Ask almost anyone who lost their virginity late. They will without a doubt tell you that part of the reason was a lack of confidence. They didn’t feel comfortable enough in their own skin to take the risk of going all the way.

But after that dam breaks, it’s a whole other story. Once the wall is down, it’s off to the races. There is lots and lots and lots of sex going on. And with each successive time, you get more confident, feel more sexual. So you do it more. You make up for all the time you lost while delaying your first time. Like Hef, you do some crazy things in the name of experimentation. Threesomes, parties, kinky stuff. You totally overcompensate for waiting so long.

Is there anything wrong with that? No way! There’s nothing wrong with waiting and there’s nothing wrong with going overboard. Waiting until you are older only means that you are more able to handle the consequences of what you are doing. Waiting until you are older means the experimentation is way more fun. All your teenage inhibitions go right out the window.

So go ahead and overcompensate -- just don’t expect it to get you a mansion.

What do you think about Hef's overcompensation? Should we follow his lead?


Image via ConvergentMediaPR/Flickr

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