Valentine's Day Gift Idea: Say It With a Bomb Threat

woman in phone boothAh, love. What a beautiful thing. When two people come together to share their lives, to share their emotions, to share with the world their happiness, we can't help but feel warm fuzzies all over. And during this time of year, around Valentine's Day, it's when one remembers the true meaning of heart-pounding love. It's about the butterflies, the hand-holding ... the bomb threats.

Yep. Bomb threats. Is there a better way to send a message to your loved one? I don't think so. A bomb threat will keep your sweetheart from getting on that plane, from staying at work too late, and from enjoying that movie and extra-buttery popcorn without you.

All it takes is a simple phone call and wherever they are is evacuated and BOOM! Your lover is back in your arms. After you're released from custody, that is.

Grace Guajardo knows what I'm talking about. She's is a pro at the old calling-in-a-bomb-threat routine.


Grace was just bursting with love, exploding with passion, and dying to get her boyfriend to stay. So she did what any normal person would, and phoned the airport.

You see, Grace's boyfriend is the father of her three children, and he was leaving to go work on a cruise ship. Grace really had no choice.

Her threat forced all 300-plus passengers to deplane, including her boyfriend, who says he can't stay mad at her. "I can't be angry, I have to support her. What she needs is love, nothing more."

Pretty sure she also needs a psychiatrist and some reality pills, but who am I to judge. I once burst into tears when my boyfriend left. Stupid me! So pointless! So frivolous! I should've pulled a Grace and threatened the airport like a real woman in love.

I have a message for all you love-birds out there. I'm going to be flying from New York to Richmond over President's Day weekend, so please, no threats that Friday or Monday. Valentine's Day is totally fine by me if you want to call in a bomb then. No worries. In fact, I encourage it. It's a gift your lover will remember forever, and best of all, it's free!

What crazy things have you ever done for love?

Photo via macinate/Flickr

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