Sealy Super Bowl Commercial Promotes Most Boring Sex EVER

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The Sealy Posturepedic Super Bowl commercial "After Glow" had all the makings of an awesomely provocative commercial -- couples depicted in bed moments after mind-blowing sex, a sultry soundtrack titled "Just a Little Lovin'," and a super-steamy tagline "Whatever you do in bed, Sealy supports it." Oh my ... "whatever you do"!!! Sexy goodness, here we come ...

Unfortunately, "whatever you do in bed," according to Sealy, is some pretty unimaginative stuff.


Here's the Sealy commercial so you can see for yourself:

Sure, the commercial is deliciously cute but it's also clean-as-a-whistle to the point of feeling contrived. Sealy uses the same beautiful, young, Gap-formula couples we see everywhere these days. I mean, imagine if, instead of perfect-looking matchy matchy couples, we saw an elderly couple or a chubby middle-aged couple? Or even an unlikely odd couple -- like a prudish librarian woman with a bearded motorcycle dude. Wouldn't that be more fun? I think so. This is to say nothing about the obvious need for an interracial or homosexual couple -- but I know most advertisers' hands are tied in that regard.

The mattress commercial for all its sexually charged wannabe-ness is also a bit of a snooze in the sexy department. If the bed is truly good for "whatever you do," why aren't there some hints of anyone doing anything besides the ordinary somethin' somethin'? There's no sweat or pink cheeks or even so much as a wrinkled sheet. I guess all those wild-eyed looks are prompting us to use our imaginations, to let them run wild about all the "whatever" that took place moments before, but come on!

Just a few small props or one tiny racy or surprising innuendo could have made this ad stand out more. Sealy really missed an opportunity to create a commercial that everyone would laugh about, talk about, and share ... They played it far too safe and wasted a dang good tagline.

When I watched this ad, I'll admit that I smiled, and I thought sweet but brief thoughts about my honey. But then, I went about my day without another thought about Sealy mattresses. Had they teased their viewers just a little more, taken a few tiny risks, or made us giggle, this ad may have been a little more, eh em, sticky than sweet.

What did you think of the Sealy commercial -- suitably sexy or not sexy enough?


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