Churches to Celebrate Porn Sunday ... Huh?

national porn sundayNational Porn Sunday. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Charlie Sheen must already be making plans. A whole day of porn? Woohoo! Time to let your freak flag fly! Right? Ehn. Not so fast there, buddy. National Porn Sunday was conceived by Nevada pastor Greg Gross. Gross likes to use the Super Bowl as a way to get churches around the country talking to their congregations about porn.

“Awesome!” you say.

“Nay,” says Pastor Greg, who is vehemently opposed to porn. He founded the XXXChurch to combat the porn industry and to help people fighting porn addictions. He’s even recruited NFL players to join in the fight. And he’s created special software to help you -- and your spouse, pastor, friends, anyone -- monitor your Internet usage just in case you stumble across something he deems inappropriate.


Matt Hasselbeck, who plays for the Seattle Seahawks, uses the X3Watch software, saying that it adds a layer of trust to his marriage. What the hell? Is he even aware of what the software does?

It’s not some simple little app that pings you when you are in danger of stumbling across someone screwing a horse. Instead it:

  • Monitors your web browsing activity
  • Notifies your “accountability partners” when you visit an unapproved site
  • Sends regularly scheduled email reports to you and your accountability partners about your Internet usage
  • Flags websites that you should not be visiting

And for all those worried that there’s no app for that -- there is! So you can constantly spy on your partner, no matter where you are!

Pastor Greg says that porn is ripping the nation apart, destroying marriages and ruining lives.

Seriously? How can one man be so blind? It’s the lack of trust that leads to the “need” for applications like X3Watch. It’s the lack of faith that leads one spouse to constantly monitor another. It’s things like turning one partner into a parent and the other into a child that needs supervision. That’s what is really killing relationships.

Do you think we need applications like this to keep our lives intact?


Image via XXXChurch

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