11 TV Bad Boys We Heart to Hate

josh hollowayI admit it. I have a thing for bad boys. Not in real life, but definitely when it comes to celebrity crushes. Place me firmly on Team Sawyer from Lost. My loyalties will not waver from Tim Riggins of Friday Night Lights.

Perhaps some of you share my purely innocent admiration of bad boys. The womanizers, the rebels, the boys we know we should not like ... but we do. 

Here's some early Valentine's Day candy -- for your eyes. I've gathered the top 11 bad boys from TV.

Bonus: they are fat-free. Zero calories, ladies.     


luke perry

Dylan McKay from Beverly Hills, 90210. Luke Perry was the TV bad boy. Corrupted innocent Brenda Walsh, he cheated on her with her best friend and rode a motorcycle. Bad boy with a capital B.



Starbuck from the original Battlestar Galactica. Played by Dirk Benedict, he might have been one of the first bad boys of the small screen. Cigar-smoking, risk-taking sci-fi pilot had the requisite easy grin and smooth way with the ladies.


grant show

Jake Hanson from Melrose Place. Grant Show added his muscle to the cast of this '90s hit. This bad boy was in such demand, he even crossed over to 90210 to have an affair with Jennie Garth's Kelly Taylor.


don draper

Don Draper on Mad Men. The epitome of masculinity, Jon Hamm plays this sexy, mysterious ad man with a hidden past. No one looks better in a suit than him, which makes us almost forgive him when he cheats on his wife.


tim riggins

Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights. This devil-may-care rebel makes you wish you were in high school again. Taylor Kitsch has the swagger down and oozes Southern charm in between stealing his best friend's girl, swiggin' beer, and getting arrested.



Sawyer on Lost. Josh Holloway with his scruffy, smoldering, sexy demeanor. Raise your hand if you'd be stranded on an island with him. Yup, me too.


Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. Ed Westwick is sexy beyond his years. Rich, brooding, with mommy issues. He's got the bad boy blood running through his blue-blood veins.


mr. big

Mr. Big on Sex and the City. Chris Noth's confidence mixed with commitment issues proves the theory we want what we can’t have.


simon cowell

Simon Cowell. I have to throw some love to the bad boy of Reality TV. Brutal honesty, untempered disdain. Arrogance combined with his accent makes me weak in the knees.


george clooner

Doug Ross on ER. George Clooney. 'Nuff said.



The Men of Grey’s Anatomy. McSteamy. McDreamy. Karev. They are all bad boys over there at Seattle Grace Mercy West. Except for George. They have all cheated, they are arrogant, but they all have that inner something-something that we just can't resist. Oh. Wait ... George cheated, too. 

What TV bad boy did I miss?

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