Eddie Cibrian Sheds Sleaze-Ball Image? We Don't Buy It!

eddie cibrian leann rimesWhat do you do to improve your image if you left your wife and kids for another woman?

If you’re Eddie Cibrian, and you're now engaged to LeAnn Rimes, you hire an image consultant. Because really, that’s all it takes to erase the public’s image of you as a cheating, lying fool.

NOT! But that’s not stopping Eddie from trying. He wants you to like him. To really, really like him.

Some of the suggestions from the image consultant right off the bat? Ditch his Porsche and replace it with a Prius. Be seen out in public with his children more. Take his son to a Lakers game instead of one of his friends. How wholesome.

Here are a few other ideas for Eddie in his quest to improve his public image, and he doesn't even have to pay me for my time:


How about getting a puppy? Better yet, adopt a whole litter of puppies that were left at the pound to be euthanized. Or he could just rent one for a few days and spend some time at the beach with LeAnn prancing around in a string bikini showing off her surgically enlarged breasts. People love puppies and boobs.

How about not buying an $85,000 engagement ring for your fiance and then telling your ex-wife, the mother of your children, that you need to reduce your monthly child support? Put the money in a 529 fund for your children’s college education or make a few token charitable donations.

Instead of being photographed on romantic exotic vacations with LeAnn, be photographed with your kids at Disneyland. Or be like Reese Witherspoon and her fiance Jim Toth and take your kids to church on Sundays. Bring LeAnn with you and you can all hold hands.

Women love to see men be sweet to their mothers. Take your mom out to dinner or shopping. An even better idea? Give your mom your old Porsche and kill two birds with one stone.

Eddie, you're welcome.

Do you think Eddie Cibrian can salvage his image?


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