Christian Ladies, Put a Purity Ring On It (VIDEO)

purity ringBeyonce's not the only one who can dance and point at her hand at the same time. A bunch of plucky youth-groupers squeezed into leotards, went to Jenny's basement, and filmed a Christian-themed remake of Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It). They're not singing for an engagement ring though, they're singing for a purity ring. God belts out the chorus, "If you love Me put a purity ring on it."

You got to admire these teens, their hearts are about as big as their zits and they just want to get a good message out there in a fun, if not entirely cringe-worthy, way.

Abstinence is a debated birth-control method, but purity rings are catching on. Disney seems to pass them out to all their stars so -- are purity rings a trend, or do they really mean something?


I think a little bit of both. Do I think Miley Cyrus is a virgin? No. Do I think that Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato never got down and dirty? No. But all three wore purity rings at one point or another. For them, I think it was a trend, and a PR stunt.

But for these Christian ladies, these Christian ladies (sung to Single Ladies, obvs) the purity rings mean ... no sex til marriage. And I believe them. On an episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim Zolciak's teenage daughter, Brielle, gets a purity ring. For her it means no sex til she's 19. I think it's great to set realistic boundaries and achievable goals for anyone who isn't religiously opposed to sex before marriage.

Please watch the video. It's fun and it's funny. There are fake-mustaches and a scene where the camera is sideways. Effects! At the end, the girl leaves her boyfriend for God. Sorry for the spoiler, but I think we all saw that coming. Enjoy!

What's your opinion on purity rings?

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