5 Sexiest Super Bowl Sportscasters to Ogle on Game Day

jon grudenSuper Bowl coverage begins this Sunday at 5 a.m. or something crazy like that. What's a girl to do during umpteen hours of pre-show blather? Check out the eye-candy, of course.

We've rounded up our top five football-talkin' hotties, those men that break down the Steelers D and discuss the Packers passing game -- and look super-sexy while doing it.



howie long5. Howie Long. Howie's been bantering with Terry Bradshaw for years now, but always manages to look cute, even with glasses. Who can forget him in those Radio Shack ads? Now a pitchman for Chevrolet, we can find his cute mug on the tube almost any time. 

shannon sharpe4. Shannon Sharpe. That smile, those clothes. Do you even need to ask why he's on the list? This three-time Super Bowl champion played what else -- tight end (though his is hard to see when he's sitting behind the desk).

jon gruden3. Jon Gruden. Former coach of Tampa Bay Bucs and the Oakland Raiders, we usually drool over him on Monday nights, but this Sunday he'll be joining the pregame fun. He's got a little "bad boy" thing going on, which is just too hard to resist.

keyshawn johnson2. Keyshawn Johnson. Another hot dude that dresses way better than I do. But I'm not holding that against him. His natural charisma has charmed even Da Bears former coach Mike Ditka. This Pro Bowl wide receiver can catch me anytime. 

chris berman1. Chris Berman. Perhaps not your typical eye-candy choice. He's witty. He's smart. And ladies, just listen to his voice. Low, sexy, confident. I'm sold.




Tell me, what hottie did I miss?

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