Granny Porn Has Me All Excited

grandmotherSheila Vogel-Coupe, also known as Grand Dame Cecilia Bird, wasn’t always an escort. Or a porn star. But now, suddenly, she’s both, thanks to a starring role in a little film called the Great British Granny Gang Bang. Just let that sink in a moment.

There’s actually quite a large market for elder porn, but money isn’t the reason Sheila got into the game. She had a career. She had a marriage -- two, in fact. She had a very happy life until her second husband passed away and she was suddenly all alone, and very lonely. So she turned to escorting for a little male company. Of course the money she made didn’t hurt. That work led to the porn industry. And that money doesn’t hurt either.

But ... is it seemly for a grandmother to be boning dudes on film? Isn’t that a little bit gross?


Forget seemly! Forget proper! And especially forget gross!

It’s freaking awesome that she’s found such a liberating second career. She said herself that she always enjoyed male company (read: sex). Why should that change now that she’s 83? Our bodies may change, but we never lose the need for human contact. And thanks to people like her, it’s nice to know we might never lose the desire for sex.

Wrinkles, age spots, saggy breasts, and gray hair are something most of us look on with disgust. Nobody wants to see their body shrivel like a prune. And we definitely don’t like to think of having sex with a body like that. But why not? They did it in Cocoon! Why not real life?

Here is a woman who refuses to be cowed by all of our misconceptions about sex and age. Instead of relegating herself to a life of orthopedic shoes and shawls, she’s pulling on the stripper heels and lingerie. Instead of living a life without male companionship, she’s created a life where her companionship is in constant demand.

I just hope that I’m half as sexy as her when I’m 83. 

How would you feel if your sweet little grandma turned out to be a porn star?


Image via .v1ctor./Flickr

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