Are Penises to a Woman Like Breasts Are to a Man?

Man's crotchAre women as fascinated by a man's penis as men are by a woman's breasts? We've all seen the latter case played out in the movies and in real life: a scantily clad, large-breasted woman walks down the street seemingly oblivious to all the heads turning to watch her, giving credence to the stereotype that men are boob-fascinated junkies.

What you don’t see is a man walking down the street oblivious to all of the women staring at his package outlined in his snug-fitting pants. Because it doesn’t happen (often). Now, a man’s rear end is a different story. A man with a nice ass can get heads turning too.


Another difference? Men, and some women, will freely discuss the size and shape of a woman’s breasts. As in, "Wow, those things are huge." Or, "Those are definitely not real. They defy gravity."

But most likely, those same people will not sit around and talk about the size and shape of a man’s penis. Unless, of course, the penis being discussed is an outlier. Outlier penises get talked about all of the time, by both men and women. You know, the really small ones and the really enormous ones.

Maybe the conversations are lopsided because the penis is so innately sexual. Breasts can be sexual too, but really the corresponding anatomical part to the penis would be the vagina. And nobody's talking about other women's vaginas. Well, almost nobody.

And as long as we're talking about penises, I have a confession to make. Sometimes, I do look at a man's crotch. My husband's, that is. Just wanting to make sure that he's happy to see me.

Have you ever checked out a man's fully clothed crotch before?


Image via Sung Sook/Flickr

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