Barbie's Breakup: Did Ken Cheat With Skipper? Or Did Barbie?

barbie and kenWe saw them together on the big screen in Toy Story 3, but did you know Barbie and Ken are NOT a couple?

They've been split since 2004. I guess they have a good working relationship. Maybe a few late night convos on the set stirred up some old feelings. Maybe Barbie's flirtations with Buzz Lightyear sparked a bit of jealousy. Whatever it was, Ken started to realize what he was missing.

Now Ken wants her back. Should Barbie give the relationship another go?


Of course, this is a well-structured stunt by Mattel. They have a website where the public can vote if they think Barbie should take Ken back. Though both Barbie and Ken are in their early 50s, they are using modern technology to document their courtship. Ken's been picking up cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery for Barbie according to Foursquare. Their Facebook chats have been promising. We won't know if Ken's wooing efforts have paid off until, you guessed it, Valentine's Day.

Normally, we don't have that kind of forum to poll people if we should take back an ex (nor do I think you'd want one). But I have to say, I don't know enough to vote. I don't know why they broke up, what they've been doing on their breakup. I don't know the details. Was he a jerk? Was it just not the right time for them to be together? Did Barbie spend too much time with Skipper? They don't tell us and I don't feel like I can give her the advice she needs to make this decision.

I have never taken an ex back. Though, when I think about it, there never was a situation to rekindle an old romance, but still, if I were single, I doubt I would.

Have you ever gotten back with an ex? Should Barbie?

Image via Mattel

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