Which Sex Move Burns the Most Calories? Allow Me to Show You

sexerciseFebruary is the month of romance, and the anticipation of Valentine’s Day inevitably leads to the anticipation of, well, sex. Candy, too, and perhaps a jewel or two, but mostly: sex. That usually means we also live in fear of the belly jiggle, the leg flab, and the dreaded boob flop.

Rather than let sweaty palms rule your life for the next 12 days, as you live a life of celery sticks and hours spent doing bikram yoga, why not have a little fun?

Sex can burn serious calories -- an hour or two of sex each day for the next 12 days can lead to more than 6,500 calories burned. You heard me right -- six thousand, five hundred calories. As long as you put in more than a quickie each day, and don’t replace those calories with heart-shaped cookies, you can actually lose weight.

Here’s how it all breaks down.


Steamy makeout sesh: 238 calories in just 30 minutes. You know, the ones you had in high school, where you wanted so desperately to rip your guy’s clothes off but just weren’t allowed? Yeah, do that.

Super sexy foreplay: Oral sex burns 100 calories every half hour. So tease him, titillate, drive him mad for 30 minutes, and not only do you become a sex goddess in his eyes, but you burn as many calories as walking! Then, of course, make him reciprocate.

Intercourse: 144 calories every 30 minutes. Make it last that long by switching positions (wheelbarrow burns another 78 calories!), changing rhythms, even stopping for another hot makeout session for a few minutes.

The little noises you make during sex: Whimpers, moans, and screams add up to another 80 calories per half hour -- so get noisy! Most guys love a vocal partner, so tell him exactly what you want, and let him know you like it.

Orgasm: 21 calories burned. Of course, you can expand on that by having multiples. And if you fake it, instead of the real thing, you’ll actually burn about 160 calories.

That all adds up, especially over the next 12 days. Just think of it as warm-up time: you’ll be fully limber and ready for the big event by the time V-day rolls around.

What's your signature sexercise move?


Image via DavidMartynHunt/Flickr

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