I Trained Myself to Be Multi-Orgasmic & You Can Too!

Couple in bedImagine a world in which you had not just one orgasm per romp in the sack, but two, three, or even four of them. Would you call that Nirvana? I think it comes pretty close to it.

Women are lucky for many reasons, but one of the most satisfying reasons is that we’re capable of being multiorgasmic. Yes, you read that right, capable of having multiple orgasms. And you can actually train your body to achieve this with some frequency, if you’re with the right partner of course.

Want to know how?


According to Dr. Laura Berman, a sex therapist whose new show In the Bedroom is seen on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), one of the suggestions to help you become multiorgasmic is to have your first orgasm before you even begin to have intercourse. And two ways to achieve this are by masturbating or having your partner stimulate you with oral sex.

Once you have that first orgasm under your belt, you can move on to having number two.

Because of our bodies' sexual response cycle, women are capable of remaining aroused after reaching our first orgasm. Men can’t. You know. You’ve seen what happens once your man climaxes. The flag goes down to half mast pretty quickly. Sure, if you’re lucky, it comes back up, but it usually takes some time and some effort.

Another one of the keys to having multiorgasms is to not let too much time go by. After you have your first orgasm, you can’t take a break and go do some laundry or the dishes. You have to maintain that state of arousal. And if your clitoris is feeling sensitive immediately after your first orgasm, have your partner pay attention to a different part of your body for a few minutes, like your breasts or your rear end. The extreme sensitivity should pass.

Another key? Don't stress over it. One of the nice things about having your first orgasm before intercourse? The pressure is already off. And the more you relax, the more likely you are to be multiorgasmic.

Have you ever experienced multiple orgasms?

Image via Deedleberry/Flickr

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