What Men Want for Valentine's Day (BESIDES Sex)

valentine's day cupcakePlain and simple: In terms of gift-giving, Valentine's Day is a holiday for women. Think of jewelry, lingerie, and chocolates. Then think of giving those mushy gifts to your man. If your man is like Tom Hanks, he may appreciate a good box o' chocolates. But big surprise, he's not expecting one.

So what are the best gifts to give him for the big day? Fear not, here are a few suggestions that are sure to leave him smiling this February 14. And I'm not just talking about in between the sheets ...


For research, we interviewed an actual boyfriend, who made me, er -- us! -- realize a few things: Men only care about practicality and braggability. They don't want clutter. They don't want something they don't need, especially if it means hearing about how much it cost later on. And they sure as hell don't want to be one-upped, furthermore questioning how well they did on the day dedicated to love.

So ... that leaves what, exactly?

A few brews: Nothing says "I love you" like an ice cold beer. Handing over a six-pack not exactly your style? Well, get a little personal by making your own labels. BottleYourBrand.com offers free shipping (use code FREESHIP) and a ton of different designs to make the perfect bottle for your babe.

A bobblehead: I know what you're thinking: Bobbleheads are so 1990s. But what about a customized bobblehead, made to look just like him? Whether or not they like to admit it, every man fantasizes about having his own action figure. This next best thing is sure to give you and your man a few laughs and will definitely have him bragging to his friends.

A hotel room: Cliche? Maybe. But a night away from home (and the kids) may be the perfect gift for your beau. Think for a moment: When was the last time you had absolutely nothing to do and enjoyed it? Check in and do everything but make a schedule. Play things by ear, simply enjoy each other's company, and forget about whose turn it is to take out the trash this week or what needs to be cleaned out of the refrigerator.

The tech gadget he's been dying for: OK, so this goes against the "one-upping" rule. But, it totally obeys the concept of practicality. Shop Apple items from their Valentine's Day gift guide and get free shipping for your sweetie. For the man with the newest iPod Nano, this functional (and cheap at $29.95) band is a techy, easy way to turn his favorite gadget into a trendy watch.

A wild ride: Have a partner who's looking for a little excitement? Give him the gift of speed by sending him to ride shotgun (or drive his own) race car. There are tons of schools across the country willing to let your man get behind the wheel. Racing not his thing? Well a gift certificate to a local climbing gym or snow mountain may be the perfect solution. Whether it's together or apart, the thrill-seeker will totally appreciate your efforts at this unconventional gift idea.

What do you plan on getting your lover for Valentine's Day?

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