Man Locks Wife in Basement for 8 Years (Keeps Girlfriend Upstairs)

basementLadies, we've got another crazy man to discuss. We're here again on the hearth's edge to talk about a looney-tune so messed up that I've called this gathering so that we can review together, let it simmer, then decide how to proceed. Help yourself to the coffee and scones. 

Last week we talked about Dave, a man who takes his life-sized doll on dates while his wife stays home, trying to rub her salty tear stains out of their micro-suede couch.

This week, southeastern Brazil is where we lay our scene. Joao Batista Groppo has been arrested for keeping his wife locked in the basement. For eight years. Let's discuss.


Groppo admits to keeping her in the cellar and says it was the only way to prevent her from wandering the streets. She was crazy, you see. And aggressive. Naturally a basement with a concrete bed is where she belonged.

Don't you feel bad for the guy? His wife is a total nut-job and he's forced to keep her behind a wrought-iron gate in the basement, nude, with only the spiders and her feces to keep her company. That poor husband!

Try not to feel too bad for him, though. He did what you or I would've done, and took on another lover. He and his girlfriend live in the above-ground portion of the house. You know, the part with windows and running water. But could you imagine not being able to go in the basement to fetch out the Christmas decorations because you'd be too scared of a crazy woman trying to talk to you from behind the bars you set up? What a hassle!

And think about the poor son who knew his dad was keeping his mom in a cage. He had to suffer in silence for eight years.

Ladies. We've learned another valuable lesson today. Do not go in the basement. Your husband will lock you in there. I know, you don't think it will happen to you. But anything is possible. Stay near the light my friends. Stay near the light.

What is more disturbing to you -- the husband's actions, or the fact that the son didn't speak up?

Photo via Problemkind/Flickr

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