Woman Who Tricked Mistress Into Abortion Is Victim, Too

Love. It makes us do insane things we may not have been capable of doing when we weren't in the throes of it. There is a reason "passion" crimes beget lesser sentences than premeditated ones. It makes us crazy.

This is why I kind of get the recent story out of New York in which a woman tricked her husband's mistress into taking a pill known to cause abortion. This is not to say I would do it. But I also kind of get it. Kisha Jones, 40, was pregnant when she found out that Monique Hunter, who was having an affair with Jones' husband Anthony, was also pregnant.

Can you imagine the shock and confusion? When I was pregnant, I was very vulnerable and feeling like I needed my husband then more than ever. If I found out that he was with another woman who was also pregnant, I would like to think I would put the blame in the right place (on him), but I am not sure.


Jones called her husband's mistress and pretended to be her doctor's office prescribing a pill called Cytocec. She faked a prescription and sent it to a local pharmacy. Hunter took the pill and went into early labor. The baby survived and Jones is being charged with assault.

"My client was crazed over this whole thing," Turner said. "Around the 27th week of her pregnancy, she basically lost it and got Monique Hunter to take an abortion pill."

It's terrible and wrong and sick, but in this case, both women are victims -- both the woman who trusted her husband and believed he would keep his vows, and the woman who had an affair with him and became pregnant with his child. Being a victim didn't give Jones the right to do what she did, but the anger and desperation she must have faced make it at least pitiable.

We would all hope that faced with a similar situation, we would act honorably. I would like to think I would know who was guilty -- my husband -- and who wasn't -- his mistress. But we all know real love doesn't work that way. Most people hate them both equally, but many others hate the mistress more. They believe she tempted their husbands or encouraged them to step out on their vows. I will admit that generally speaking, I am pretty disdainful of a woman who would knowingly get involved with a married man, but I still mostly blame the man.

That said, obviously we don't know the circumstances. Maybe Hunter knew he was married, maybe she didn't. Maybe he told her it was a loveless marriage and he was leaving his wife. Whatever the circumstances were, she isn't the one who took vows and made promises. Certainly she -- and the baby -- are the main victims. But the wife is, too.

She trusted a man who betrayed her during her most vulnerable time.

Do you think both are victims?


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