Old Spice Hopes Sex Sells! (Ssh, Don’t Tell Them It Doesn’t)

Isiah MustafahI can’t believe it was a whole year ago that Isaiah Mustafa burst into our consciousness. More than just a Super Bowl ad for Old Spice, the “Look at Your Man” commercial was an immediate viral hit because of the amazing mix of sex appeal and perfect comic timing.

Since then, Mustafa took part in a funny YouTube promotion in which he gave video advice to hopeful question-askers. Now he’s back in a series of Old Spice ads we love ... there’s just one problem.


The newest announcement, which you can see below, tells all “ladies, men, battle tanks, aliens currently inhabiting tiger carcasses, migrating beluga whales, and that really, really tall building in Dubai” that a single fan will get to see the newest commercial before it is shown to the rest of the world.

“During those few magical days,” Mustafa says, “this super-fan and I, in pre-recorded commercial form, will be dancing a secret tango of fresh scents and Old Spice together in said person’s mind, whispering inside jokes to each other about smelling like the freshest places on earth that only we can understand.”

The writing cracks me up. Mustafa delivers it perfectly. There’s just one problem. Nothing, not even the almighty Old Spice Guy, can get me to buy this stinky body-wash for my husband.

But please, nobody tell Old Spice that! I want more Old Spice Guy!

Image via OldSpice.com

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