'American Idol' Chris Medina: You Won't Believe His Love Story

American Idol's Chris MedinaThe story of American Idol contestant Chris Medina and his fiancee Juliana Ramos is a story full of perseverance, loyalty, and most importantly, love that will bring you to tears.

Chris and Juli were a couple of kids from Illinois who had been dating for six years when he proposed to her. That was over two years ago.

In October of 2009, two months before the wedding was to take place, Juli was in a serious car accident that left her in a coma and with a traumatic brain injury.

Despite an initially poor prognosis, Juli has made some progress towards recovery, but she requires constant care in her everyday life. Chris, along with Juli's mom Janet Barnes, has continued to take care of her. As Chris explained it on American Idol:

I was about to make vows just two months from the accident -- through thick and thin, 'til death do us part, for better or worse. What kind of guy would I be if I walked out when she needed me the most?

Wow, I needed a whole box of tissues after that.


So did my husband and my daughter. And I bet that most of last night's Idol watchers needed tissues too because how can you not have been overwhelmed with emotion just listening to and seeing what these two kids have been through and continue to go through. Every single day.

At the end of Chris' audition, the Idol judges asked him to bring Juli into the room. When she was wheeled in, the three judges went over and introduced themselves. And Steven Tyler, Idol judge of my dreams, leaned over and said to her:

Hi, girl, I’m Steven Tyler, I just heard your fiancé sing, and he’s so good. You know because he sings to you all the time. I could tell. That’s why he sings so good, because he sings to you.

More tears, more tissues.

And just to make the story even more moving, not only does the guy have a beautiful soul, but he also has an amazing voice. Really, truly amazing.

And to those viewers who are doubting the genuineness or sincerity of this story, check out the Facebook page run by Juli's mom. But get your tissues ready again.

Would you have handled the circumstances differently if you were in Chris' place?

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