Are Charlie Sheen's Escorts His Worst Enemies?

Palms I know a lot of things about a lot of things, but hookers aren’t one of them. So as I've been watching Charlie Sheen's latest alcohol-and-drug-fueled meltdown, I end up with one very big question:

Is this how the hooker thing works?!

Because I kind of thought the whole point of paying someone for sex was so she’d (a) Do what you want and (b) Shut up. If that’s not the case, why do these guys bother?

According to RadarOnline and TMZ, here’s what Charlie has been up to this week -- according to the people he's been (paying to) party with!


On a recent Vegas romp, Sheen spent $26,000 on three escorts. Ten thousand was for one woman named Ginger, who reported for duty from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on a Friday. (So weird: Aren't those office-drone hours? Did they go to lunch at Applebee's after?) He also dropped $40,000 per night for a Palms Casino Resort Sky Villa, bought Ginger a pair of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, and shelled out an undisclosed amount of money for an undisclosed amount of cocaine.

Meanwhile, once he got home to Los Angeles, he partook in another romp with porn star Kacey Jordan, who appeared in a video for TMZ detailing how Sheen chugged straight vodka, called a guy who delivered $20,000 worth of cocaine, smoked the coke while watching porn for hours, and asked Jordan to move into a house to be on-call all the time.

While at Sheen's house, Jordan tweeted a very, very NSFW photo of her crotch and his coffee table, which was removed from her feed but posted on Gawker; commenters on the site managed to figure out what most of the stuff on the table was, including lube, mouthwash, hair product, bronzer, a snipped-off straw, and the ring from a piercing. Portraits of dipsomania!

After all of this, we then learned that Sheen was rushed to the hospital and treated for a hernia.

For all that cash, Sheen apparently gets some hot sex and enthusiastic companionship. But how good could it be if the hookers (or other professionals, okay) turn around and blab to Radar, TMZ, and Gawker about it?

Ugh, I just had the grossest thought: If Sheen paid all this money and Ginger and Jordan still thought it was okay to only give out these details … what aren't they telling? Jordan even said in her Tweets that the video was just a fraction of what really happened, but she doesn't want to talk about it further. Eeeeeeyuw!

Does it seem to you like silence should be part of the escort's contract?

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