Valentine's Day Sex: Skip the Cliches & Make It Wild!

Red satin sheetsValentine’s Day sex should be hot, raw, and orgasmic.

Just like in the movies. Like Ryan Gosling going down on Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine.

Actually, sex should be like that a lot of the time.

It’s not cliche to make a big deal out of having sex on Valentine’s Day with your paramour. You’re supposed to celebrate the one you love -- and having sex is a very non-Hallmark way to do it.

Here are some ideas for a sexy Valentine's Day. Do something different in the bedroom. No chocolates necessary, no gifts of jewelry, and no red lacy lingerie. Just the two of you. And maybe some red satin sheets ...

  • Go for primal sex, even animalistic. Forget the dainty, red teddy. Wear some sexy leopard print lingerie or a tightly trussed leather corset.
  • Go ahead and be the aggressor. Set up a scenario in your head of how you want the evening to go, then be in charge and tell him what to do and how to pleasure you. He’ll think it’s sexy especially if it’s a change in attitude for you.
  • If you imbibe, choose something other than a fizzy champagne. Maybe a little bourbon swirled around in a glass or a Rusty Nail, which is two parts Scotch and one part Drambuie garnished with a lemon twist. Have your refreshment match the ambiance you’re setting up.
  • And last, have a little surprise waiting in the bedroom. Satin sheets really do feel good on the naked body. Or buy a new sex toy for the two of you to try together. A vibrating cock ring is a good dual pleasure toy to experiment with. 

If, like me, your reality is that you might not have the time to actually do all of this sexual celebrating on Valentine’s Day -- which falls on a Monday this year -- then just pick a night close to Valentine’s Day and celebrate then. Put all of the above elements in a box with a bow on it, give it to your partner, and tell them how much you're looking forward to your night alone.

So forget the cliched Valentine's Day gifts. And whether you do it early, late, or right on time, be with the one you love in a way that only you can be.

Is an out-of-the-ordinary intimate evening with your partner part of your Valentine's Day plan?


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