Does Too Much Texting Make Us Easy?

Girl TextingIn a poll published in Shape and Men's Fitness, almost 40% of women agreed that something is causing them to have sex earlier in their relationships than previously. Maybe it's all the flowers and candy?

Oh yeah, that's right. Silly me. We don't get daisies and chocolates anymore, we get texts (sometimes sexy ones!) and posts (sometimes sexy ones!) on our Facebook walls. And wouldn't you know it, it's working. For the guys, that is.

Women polled said that social-networking is leading them into the sack sooner rather than later. Are you serious?

There's some interesting (terrifying?) psychology to back it up.


According to Dr. Belisa Vranich, a New York clinical psychologist, all that texting and Facebooking back-and-forth is making us feel like we actually know the guy better than we do.

The texting and all the social networking that's happening ... creates anticipation ... If your goal is to have sex, [texting] is actually helpful for that because it makes the correspondence between people sort of more titillating. It [also] gives the false impression that you've actually been together for a longer amount of time, so it's actually OK to have sex quicker.

Oh sheesh. Earlier this week I explained why the cost of sex is down, and this social-networking bane is not going to do us any favors.

Dr. Vranich added:

You may have gone out once or twice, but since there's been so much exchange, either in texting or Facebook, it feels longer. It actually feels like its been longer than just two dates.

I will say this: I agree that texting speeds up the get-to-know-you process, but I don't see how 140 characters at a time could be misinterpreted as a meaningful stepping-stone in a relationship.

And don't get me started on Facebook. Call me old fashioned, but I don't think you should be friends with anyone unless you're ... friends. And a look across the bar and text do not a friend make.

Sounds like I fall in the 60% of women who don't find digital exchanges either romantic or tantalizing. But maybe I'm just getting old.

Do you think social-networking is causing you to jump in bed earlier than before?

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