Shapewear in the Bedroom Isn't Fooling the Guys

sexciesHey ladies with flab, great news! There's yet another new product designed to hide your stomach from your sexual partner. And this one still gives him easy access.

"SexCies" have two parts: a "fold flattener" corset for your flab and a pair of removable panties for you to make sexytime. Because he's totally not going to get that you've got a big old slab of cellulite hiding under that corset. Uh huh. You keep telling yourself that.

I'm going to get real here. You are fooling no one with that corset/pair of Spanx/dark lighting. Even with bedroom shapewear, guys know we've got belly fat. And now for the real shocker.


They don't really care. Except for the total tools who won't sleep with a woman unless she's stick thin -- and good luck to them in finding one who can't spot him for the self-absorbed prick he is -- guys are pretty even-handed about sharing their beds with ladies of all sizes. According to one study out of the University of Hawaii a few years back, it could even be said that women with a little meat on their bones get more sex than our skinny sisters.

Men aren't stupid. No, really, we can joke about it on girls' night, but when the average guy sees us out on date night shoved into a girdle, with our control top pantyhose, I'd hate to think that it's our flattened flesh that makes him think, "Yeah, I wanna get this girl in bed." What happened to our sparkling conversation? Our sweet, soulful eyes? Our quick wit? I want him to see through the woman who is still uncomfortable with her post-pregnancy body to the smart, funny, sexy woman that remains inside.

And once we're in the bedroom, who gives two craps what he thinks of the paunch that two Zumba classes a week will never completely carve away? He wants me for everything else that makes me sexy, right? So the way my skin sags from the stretchmarks won't mean a thing?

I'm sure SexCies and other bedroom shapewear will appeal to the women they're marketing it to -- postpartum women who are still feeling self-conscious about that new belly or that C-section scar. Maybe it will give you confidence. But here's what should make you feel even better in the bedroom: he knows what's under there. And he still wants to have sex with you.

Would you wear shapewear in the bedroom?


Image via SexCies

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