Steve Harvey Ex-Wife Tirade: Straight Talking on YouTube

Steve HarveySteve Harvey's ex-wife took her beef to YouTube this weekend to vent about their failed marriage. In over 25 minutes of video, Mary Harvey explains that her TV-star-turned-relationship-guru ex is a cheating, litigious hot mess.

The comedian, actor, and host added "author" to the list when he wrote Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man in 2009. The book, which aims to help women better understand men, was extremely popular. His 2010 follow up book, Straight Talk, No Chaser, which gives tips to women on finding and keeping a man, is also heating up the charts.

But Mary says that this affable, advice-giving Love Doctor is not what he seems. After being married for 16 years, Mary alleges that Steve had many adulterous affairs, then up and left her with nothing.

Are those books returnable for a full refund? Mary's video after the jump!


That old saying "don't take legal advice from your plumber" is coming to mind. (That is an old saying, isn't it?) Regardless, we could update it: Don't take relationship advice from Steve Harvey.

Harvey's books would've been a little more helpful and, apparently, realistic if he'd said that no matter what you're on the lookout for, no matter who you marry, no matter what advice you read, it's still possible to be duped by a partner trying to dupe you.

Am I right, Mare?

Hey, I'm all for saints having a past and sinners having a future, but at some point I've got to draw the line. To me, it totally ruins Harvey's cred as a relationship-expert if what Mary is saying is true. The cheating, the lying, the stealing -- I would have to say that those are all relationship no-nos.

Am I right, Steve?

On the other hand, I'd absolutely take relationship advice from a man open about his muddled past, dating mishaps, or marriage failures. I'd want to hear what he learned and what motivated his behavior. Now, I haven't read Steve's books (don't hurt me!) but I'm assuming he didn't take this tack since this Mary's blast is considered breaking-news.

Would you take relationship advice from Steve Harvey?


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