Talia Balsam is the Only Wife for George Clooney

George Clooney will never marry this woman
George Clooney
says he will never marry again. Wait a minute — when was George Clooney married and to who? Talia Balsam apparently stole his heart in 1989, and will remain the only woman to ever be able to say she was his wife.

So who is Balsam? This is Hollywood people ... Talia Balsam is, of course, an actress, and Dick Van Patten's niece. She is also in the recently released, and very high profile movie, No Strings Attached, and is married to John Slattery, of Mad Men fame.

George, on the other hand, had such a good experience being married from 1989 to 1993 that he has sworn off marriage ... forever.


I know marriage isn't for everyone, but what about Clooney's current girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis? They've been dating since 2009 and though George says he's never going to marry again, and Canalis says she is okay with that, it has only been two years! We've heard so many other celebs (and regular folk) say they were never going to marry again, just to end up eating their words. If you find the right person and marriage is in your blood, anything can happen.

Clooney's parents have been married for 51 years! And unless they've secretly had a terrible marriage, and have just been enduring to save face, they are the perfect role model for George. Among my friends, it's usually the kids of divorced parents that swear off marriage forever.

Plus, love him or hate him, Howard Stern swore off marriage. And he's the kind of guy that you really believed, because he talked about it five days a week! If Stern can marry again, I think anyone can!

Would you like to see George get hitched?

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