My Sexy Photo Shoot: How I Made It Extra Hot

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As a mom, there are very few opportunities to look hot. We have the occasional date night or the night out with the girls. But even those are usually rushed and we're rarely able to channel our old foxy selves.

A few months ago, I was offered an opportunity to shake off the "mom" role and try something new. Since I'm always up for a challenge and thought it sounded like fun, I agreed to try a "boudoir photo shoot" courtesy of Focal Impulse Studio in Boston. 

The end result is in the photos below (and on their blog), but the experience was unique and I would say for anyone feeling a little unsexy, this is a great way to remedy that. The photos also make a romantic and sexy Valentine's or birthday gift.

Here are a few things I wished I had known going in:


Wine: You will be nervous. I am typically a very confident person, but I was nearly shaking when I went into the shoot. Wine helps calm the nerves and relax your face. Don't get smashed, but enjoy a glass and your photos will be better. Make it white for the sake of your mouth (unless you want the "vamp" look).

Bring a friend: D. Markus Witt is the Focal Impulse photographer. He works along with his live-in partner who goes by Bebe Dollface. Both were present at my shoot, but having a male photographer is a little more nerve wracking for some than a woman might be. It wasn't as hard as I expected, but I was still glad I had my sister along to help me out. 

This is a personal photo

Time: Focal Impulse offers a variety of packages, from the $150 "Quickie Slam" to the $300 3-hour shoot. I was initially signed up for the latter, but had another engagement, so my time was cut short. It was my own fault, but I think if I had stayed longer, I would have relaxed more. Since it's probably the only time in my life where I will be fawned over and fussed upon like a model, I wish I had taken my full three hours.

Be true to your "look": My makeup was the one part of my shoot that I paid for and I asked for a full made-up look, which, in retrospect, was a mistake. I am an all natural lady, so when the photos came back, both my husband and I were taken aback. "You look better without makeup," he said almost immediately, which was a bit of a disappointing reaction. The photos grew on him, but seeing me look so far from the woman he sleeps next to every night was a challenge.

Look at some pinup photos first: The classic pinup poses aren't as easy as they look. What looks effortless to the camera is actually not at all. Holding one's legs aloft and smiling and making sure that your hands have purpose and your tummy is pulled in and everything is in place is stressful and a lot of work. "Wriggle in your sexy," Bebe kept saying, which was probably the best advice. It's much more natural to keep moving and helps avoid the wax sculpture look.

Choose clothing ahead of time: I threw my suitcase together in 20 minutes just before the shoot and that was a mistake. In later weeks there were a lot of things I wished I had worn. Had I put more thought into it, I may have had more variety, and the outfits are a huge part of the shoot.

Don't do it yourself: This is something you want to hire pros for. It's a splurge, but you can make a private book for your husband, and these are professional photographs that are retouched and colored to perfection. It's a huge confidence boost to know that given the right lighting and airbrushing (see below), we can all look Hollywood glam.

It's a great way to boost your sexual confidence and give your husband an amazing surprise. If you follow these tips, it should be one of the more memorable experiences of your life.

Would you ever try this?


Professional images via Focal Impulse

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