Todd Palin Affair Rumors: Stopping Scandal in Its Tracks

Todd PalinWe've been hearing hints of this for a few weeks now, but after investigating the story more thoroughly, the National Enquirer broke the news yesterday that Sarah Palin's husband, Todd Palin, is cheating on his wife with a massage therapist. If you're scoffing at the source, then I must remind you that the National Enquirer is holding a little more water these days since breaking the salacious and true news of John Edwards and his affair with Rielle Hunter.

Todd Palin's supposed mistress is masseuse Shailey Tripp from Wasilla, Alaska. Tripp's got a storied past and was arrested in March 2010 for maintaining a house of prostitution. Say what?

Here we go again with the political sex scandal rumors. Isn't there some way to put an end to it all? I may have an idea.


OK, we all understand that this is possibly scuttlebutt and that the National Enquirer could be totally wrong. Todd Palin's people have denied it and we'll go through this song and dance until either some photos or a love-child surfaces ... or if the First Dude confesses.

I say, let's save everyone some time and set some ground rules for political candidates. I'm so tired of reading about the affairs and watching families get torn apart, aren't you?

So let's take a page from Frank Costanza's book and have an airing of grievances, shall we?

Here's what I suggest:

Once a story breaks that a political couple (let's leave the kids out of this) is in trouble -- be it infidelity, domestic violence, anything -- they must stand on the steps of the Capitol and share all the ways they've disappointed each other. We, the People, will watch the spectacle on C-Span, get all the facts, make our judgements, and then it's over. No blogs, no magazine covers, no interviews on Access Hollywood -- it will be put to bed. Could be the marital bed or that twin in the basement, doesn't matter. 

The end.

Do you think Todd Palin is cheating? Do you care?

Photo via david_shankbone/Flickr

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